Toys & Dolls

A childhood without Toys is like Toys a garden without flowers... inseparable. Indian Toys and Dolls, distinct in their vibrancy and colors, transport the child to the world of unbound imagination.

They bring to life a fascinating world of fantasy, engrossing a childhood full of dreams. The bright lac painted Toys, a favorite with most children, have birds, animals, airplanes, wheeled animals etc. crafted out of them. Wood is one of the commonly used items for this craft. Here too there are variations like the 'cherai toy', which are wooden Toys touched with saw-dust. Cloth, papier mache and terra-cotta too are used to make Toys and Dolls. There are Dolls representing deities too.

Figures of Gods and Goddesses are carved out of wood and are then formally decorated. These are called Trupati Dolls. Another captivating craft is the leather puppets of Andhra Pradesh. Interestingly, these are about five feet high, translucent and dramatically painted in vegetable dyes. Typical rural styles are used to paint these. Grown ups too shy to admit a liking for these Toys can use them as decorative pieces. They make fantastic show piece items. Pith or Indian cork have been used in Assam to make Toys and Dolls since centuries. These Toys are painted to give them a bright look.

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