Table Accessories

Table accessories are beautiful complimentary accessories to enhance the overall appeal of your table. Ranging from simple table covers and table runners to intricately styled napkin rings and tea cozies, table top accessories can indeed add a fresh lease of life to your regular table.
Types of Table Accessories
Table accessories can be categorized into two different heads namely, table linen and table top decorative items. Table linens on one hand cover all the textile products used for table while table top decoratives include the utility items that serve as table decoratives too. Some of them are mentioned as under:

Table Linen
-Table Skirtings
-Table Runners
-Table Mats

Table Top Decoratives
-Napkin Rings
-Glass Tableware
-Table Cozy
-Salt and Pepper Cellars
Indian Table Accessories
The arts and crafts of India provide an astonishing variety of avenues for endless exploration. Indian craft is yet untouched by a mechanized approach that lays emphasis on techniques that accelerate speed and increase output. This is true for the entire range of highly attractive and colorful selection of table accessories that truly set the mood by setting a beautiful table.

Table accessories made by Indian craftsmen have occupied a very special place in the homes of people nowadays. A variety of table top accessories, like- coasters, napkin rings, napkins, pen holders, table lamps, table mats, table runners, table skirtings and tea cozies are excellently crafted by expert craftsmen and have been honed to perfection.

The craftsmen have learned the art of transforming the natural fibers, stones and wood into excellent products of daily use, such as table mats, with an aesthetic appeal. The exclusive table accessories and coffee table accessories are intricately designed with a mixture of beauty and elegance to catch the attention of buyers at the first sight.

Available in variety of colors, designs and materials, table accessories can be embroidered painted or printed to give a customized look and appeal as desired.
Materials Used for Table Accessories
A variety of materials are used to produce and design kitchen table accessories and dining room table accessories in a multitude of designs, themes and patterns. Some of these include-

Coasters, Napkin Rings, Napkins, Pen Holders, Table Lamps, Table Mats, Table Runners, Table Skirtings, Tea Cozy