Religious Products

The essence of Hinduism as a religion is about 20,000 years old and one of the oldest living religious tradition in the world. Also referred to as Sanatana Dharma and Vedic Dharma. Idol worship is an integral part of Hinduism leading to the creation of different religious statues and paintings for the worship of thousands of Hindu Gods and Goddesses . Made of various materials, idols are worshiped everywhere in home, in temples and any other religious place. Not limiting to just to statues, there are other religious products also like pooja thali, shankhas, religious threads, rudraksha etc which are required while performing various Hindu rituals. All over India, there are various religious products manufacturers which provide religious products in wholesale pricing.

Rudraksha, Parad, Spathik, Holy Powders & Pastes, Japa Malas, Incense, Lucky Charms