Paintings make wonderful wall decor items but have you ever imagined how diversified can this art form be? May be not, so presented here are the basic details of different types of paintings and their Indian projection. Read on to know all about paintings in general and Indiana paintings.
Paintings History
Painting is one of those art forms that has been in the society since prehistoric times. It has been a part of human civilization for time immemorial. As the society developed, the painting styles, techniques and masterpieces too evolved. Through history, the advancements in the eastern painting have paralleled to that of the western painting styles. Indian art, Islamic art, Japanese art has had important influences on the western art form and vice-versa.
Types of Painting
Paintings have been diversified in a variety of styles and types. If we categorize it in broad terms, painting types can be classified as follows:
Landscape Landscape painting is one where the painter portrays an outdoor scene that includes land, water, sky etc.

Portrait Portrait painting is the depiction of a person or an animal. It captures the personality and mood of an individual a given point of time.

Still Life Still life is the painting of an object like flower, utensil, musical instrument etc.

Real Life Real life paintings depict a slice of life as in the subject captures life in general. A busy street, people in conversation, a dinner gathering etc. can be the depictions in a real life painting.

Religious As the name suggests, religious paintings are the depiction of god and goddesses or a sacred story.
Painting Styles
Painting medium refers to the different forms of doing the painting. One can use a variety of articles and different paints to do the artwork. Some of them are as under:

o Oil Painting
o Acrylic Painting
o Spray Painting
o Nib Painting
o Velvet Painting

Indian Paintings
India has been known world over for its artistic pursuits evident in the various types of painting styles. The styles and varieties in paintings from India are as diverse as the nation itself. Its not just the traditional forms of paintings but also contemporary artists have kept up to the times & excel in their modern works, giving free expression to their imagination & artistic liberty.
Types of Indian Paintings
Indian paintings are diversified in a number of variety and styles. Some of those painting types are mentioned as under:
o Madhubani Paintings
o Kangra Paintings
o Pichwais Paintings
o Kalamkari Paintings
o Warli folk Paintings
o Phad Paintings
o Thanka Paintings
o Pata Chitra Paintings

Regional Paintings in India
Orissa- The folk paintings of Orissa, popularly known as ‘Pattachitras’ have a history of great antiquity. Patta paintings are so called as they are painted on silk hand woven cloth.

Andhra Pradesh- As the name suggests, Kalamkari, which is almost an industry in Andhra Pradesh, is the technique of painting cloth with a pointed bamboo ‘kalam’ or pen.

Rajasthan- Mughal miniatures from the land of the royalty are famous for their intricate work. A specialty of Rajasthan, Phad is painted in bold colours. Pichvai, the cloth painting used as a backdrop in temples is also made in Rajasthan.

Bihar- These folk paintings come from the district of Madhubani, Bihar, which is how they get their name. These paintings, which were traditionally painted on walls and floors by the women of Bihar to invoke divine protection, are now being done on paper.

Delhi- Delhi is one of the most happening centres of miniature paintings and abstract paintings.

Tamilnadu- Highly ornate Thanjavur paintings are the specialty of Thanjavur and Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu.

Maharashtra- Worli paintings from Maharashtra are tribal paintings, traditionally done in the homes of the Worlis.

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