Nautical Products

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High quality nautical instruments are products used by navigators, sailors and pilots to ascertain position, direction and speed in order to arrive at the point of their destination. They act as excellent gift items and are prized by the collectors as decorative items in homes and offices. Beautified with qualitative polishing by the traditional Indian artists who have inherited quality craftsmanship from their previous generations, the nautical instruments have developed a great demand in the international export market. Each of the nautical products are inlaid with exquisite designs followed by polishing of high quality for a beautiful finish. They are made with great care and precision. All of the nautical instruments are fully functional, but not intended for navigation. From clocks, compasses to telescopes, these stand as a testimony of outstanding architectural elegance and artistic craftsmanship. These dignified and luxurious nautical products are sure to give the decor, a luxurious face-lift, reviving the rich Indian historical past.

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