Home Products & Antiques

One can feel the vibrancy of Indian ethnicity come alive in the myriad home products available, which are carefully crafted by the artisans. The numerous choices in materials available in each category of these products add wings to flights of imagination. There are no limits to what can be achieved with the variety in hand. Various crafts that have been perfected over centuries are kept alive in the skillful hands of the craftsmen.

Decorating one's personal home's decor with colorful & artistic accessories actually speaks volume about the owner's tastes & lifestyle. A home is considered to be the most serene part which rejuvenates a tired soul & mind after a hard days work. When the area gets highlighted by ornamental & other decorative accessories, the beauty of this heavenly abode gets manifolded. It in a way reveals the artistry and superior skills of Indian craftsmen. These decorative accessories are crafted out in such a way that they add immense charm and elegance to the home area, not to forget that they even meet the varied required functionality at their best.

Generally, the materials used mostly for creating these alluring & distinct home accessories are :
o Wrought Iron
o Brass
o Glass
o Fabric
o Aluminum
o Ceramic
o Copper
o Silver
o Wood

The intricate carvings adorned with fine embellishments, inlayed & embossed work only assists in making these home products stand out with their amazingly stunning appearances. Artists are given complete freedom to experiment with their artistic talents & come up with innovative ideas to beautify the necessary art pieces. The varied types of home products generally include wide range of uniquely sculpted :
o Flower Pots
o Flower Vases
o Photo Frames
o Bed Sheets & Pillow Covers
o Cutlery
o Candle Stands
o Garden Lighting
o Tables & chair

With attractive designs, shapes & sizes, they are surely eye catchers & give a finishing touch & sophisticated look to the home area & make it look more stylish & comfortable with their superior quality look & charisma. Flexible, compact & durable in nature, home products are a must for a suave outdoor environment.

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Considered as a prized and valuable possession, antique collectibles are a culmination of exquisite workmanship and artistic perception. Valued for their royal patronage, besides artistic excellence, antiques help in reminiscing the rich bygone era of Indian history. Flawlessly crafted using different raw materials and designs, with great attention invested on intricacy and detail, these Indian Artifacts are matchless in beauty and range. Coming in different range and variety, with exclusive styles and execution, the beauty of these artifacts is appealing.

The timeless pieces of Indian Heritage, have held the eye of the people from around the world with their alluring beauty, fascinating colors and designs.Coming through ages, the antique pieces demand lot of care & attention as they are susceptible to damages Their restoration and maintenance are of utmost importance irrespective of their materials, be it paper, metal, glass, ceramic or wood.