Garden Accessories

The ornamental accessories in gardens reveal the artistry and superior skills of Indian craftsmen. The decorative accessories are crafted out in such a way that they add immense charm and elegance to the gardens, thus, even meeting the functionality at its best. Considered as must haves to define even a garden area, these accessories have gained immense popularity among buyers & art lovers.

Adorned & embellished with novel & appealing designs using innovative techniques such as carving, embossing etc., the artists impart precious value to them. Though rugged & tough in nature, these accessories are found in a plethora of shapes such as round, rectangular, oval or any other shape as desired by the customers. Customized designing & shaping of the products are as well achievable.
A wide range of exquisitely designed items function as garden accessories which easily fits into garden areas. The uniquely sculpted beautifying items generally include :
o Fountains
o Planters
o Garden Lanterns
o Garden Lighting
o Bird Feeders/Baths
o Urns
o Hanging Baskets
o Pedestals
o Garden Benches

Available in any desired shape & size, garden accessories are made up of distinct materials which are weather resistant, rust resistant & are durable in nature. All these features gets added on to the products when they are coated with qualitative varnishes, paints etc. which adds on their longevity.
The major materials typically used for carving these breathtaking garden accessories are :
o Wrought Iron
o Brass
o Stone
o Copper
o Bamboo

Designs & Patterns
Since, garden accessories are meant for heightening a garden's beauty, lot of care is taken while focusing on the detailing part such as their designs & patterns. Artists are given freedom of expression when it boils down to giving a concrete shape & definition to these beautiful & decorative pieces. Innovative in nature, the designs mostly applied for carving out beautifully sculpted garden decorative items are floral prints, abstract images & figurative features.

Garden Benches, Bird Feeders, Fountains, Garden Planters, Hanging Baskets, Garden Lights, Pedestals.