Decorative Items

India is the home of a remarkable variety of traditional crafts. Century old skills continue to produce some of the most artistic and exciting pieces of art, which are admired and collected by art connoisseurs all over the world, making Indian art & handicrafts immortal & most favored. The ethnic appeal in the vibrant colors is irresistible, whether it is leather ware, pottery, metal craft or textiles.Discussed under are the various decorative items. take a look:

Bells & Chimes
Bells and chimes add a wonderful and serene effect to a surrounding. Wind chimes, Christmas bells etc. are one of those cheap home decorative items that are quite a favorite among people all around the world.

Candle Holders
Candle holders can make even the most mundane table setting an exquisite dining experience. Thus, candle holders are indeed a must have decorative item for every house.

Candle Sconces
Candle sconces are the candle stand fixtures that can be attached to walls, boards or any other static item. These make wonderful gift items.

A fireplace in an interior adds immense amount of grace and elegance to the whole setting. It is a popular royal decorative item through out the world.

Flower Vases
None of the interior setting is complete without the placement of quintessential decorative flower vases. These can be easily noticed in almost every household.

Handmade Paintings
Handmade paintings refer to the exclusive paintings made by artists and painters. Since, these are one of the most high priced decorative items, people love to flaunt such artwork.

Jewelry Boxes
Apart from serving the utility purpose, jewelry boxes can also add charm to the dressing table. When it comes to gift items for ladies, jewelry boxes top the list for sure.

Lamp Bases
Lamp bases refer to the bases or bottoms of a lamp. One can have multiple bases for single lamp shade (top) so as to add variety and freshness to an interior.

Lamp Shades
Lamp Shades are common lighting decorative items that can be easily found in regular households. Innovative lighting technique can add a new dimension to the overall setting of an interior.

Lanterns make great lighting decorative and gift items. These tend to render an ethnic feel to the area where it is placed.

Picture Frames
Picture frames or photo frames are handy for keeping the special moments clicked intact. They make wonderful gift items too.

T-lights are a part of the lamp shade and lantern family. Along with other designer lighting fixtures, these too are gaining popularity as coveted decorative items.

Wall Hangings
Wall hangings are the eternal home decor item that adorn the walls of almost every household. Great to gift and to add an interesting dimension to the plain bland walls.

Wall Sconces Wall sconces are the lighting fixtures that can be nailed into a wall, board or any other static thing. These are an essential part of the lighting decorative items.

Bells & Chimes, Candle Holders, Candle Sconces, Fireplace, Flower Vases, Handmade Paintings, Jewelry Boxes, Picture Frames, Dry Flowers, Smoking Pipes.