Antique Armory

Antique armory to the collectors and historians is always a fascination. Each era had a different characteristic armory, different weapons, different modifications of blades and a different set of defense tools.

Creating this armory was always considered a privileged craft. Right from the shaping and sharpening of the blade to decorating the hilt and the scabbard. The hilt and haft material varied from ox hide to metal and wood. They were often engraved and inlayed with stones and metals. The scabbards were also similarly decorated. Their artwork is worth precious till date.

Armor and shield making was another craft. The armors were all carefully done by hand be it the plate or the chain mail armor. The life of the soldiers depend upon the expertise of the armor maker. Apart from creating this life saving tool the craftsmen took pride in decorating them by embossing or inlay to create a unique exquisiteness.

The shields were often made of metal with a hide stretched on it. They were also decorated with the embossing and metal inlay work. The sizes varied as per the weapon used. Till date the richly done craft items are used as decoratives in patios, living rooms and lounges, Armor, Breast Plates, Chain Mails, Draggers, Helmets, Mace, Polearms & Battle Axes, Shields, Swords, Throwing Stars.