Craftsmen/Women Details

In India, the craftsmen leave their craft in search of better opportunities because of poverty and the dis-organized structure of this sector . If this trend continues, the Indian craft will be lost in a few decades from now. Indiainnings Handicrafts has decided to play a constructive role to bring a change in the lives of the craftsmen and their dependents.

We endeavor to provide sustainable socio-economic system that encourages community growth by stimulating the demand for handmade items. With this model, we are able to help these artisans grow their business and sustain, by just concentrating on the thing they do best . Indiainnings Handicrafts helps them reach out to the global audience by focusing on all other aspects of market linkages as well. Our aim remains to for a complete socio-economic development of the craftsmen and their dependents.

Towards this, 5% of all profits generated through sales here goes to the welfare of crafts persons and their dependents. Apart from this you can also contribute by providing donations and sponsor a craftsman, his family or dependents. The craftsmen listed with us are:

Image Name Age Gender Crafts Involved In
Sidhartha Dutta 28 Male Furniture