Asian Educational Services, was formed in 1973 with the idea to preserve knowledge, primarily in the form of old books, from being irrevocably lost.

Asian Educational Services source old books from collectors, libraries, and rare book sellers, and republish the ones that are of prime historical value. Over the years it has published about 1200 titles; the oldest book published is a 1664 issue. Known for high standards of quality and presentation of the books, all the books are hard-bound and are embossed with gold. Comparing the books of a century or two ago with that of the modern day, the books are designed to reflect historical age, and are reminiscent of the books published in the 19th century.

For books on India their catalogue entries would present a wide variety of books on various subjects. Among the titles published, are books on travel in India through the centuries: from times BC up till the early 20th century. Furthermore selections on History, Art, Architecture, Religion (Buddhism and Hinduism are dealt with in exhaustive detail), Customs and Manners, Antiquities, Anthropology, Folklore and Mythology, Numismatics, Wildlife and Sports, etc are represented in detail. The titles are not centered upon India only: all regions of Asia are represented: Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, China, Burma, South East Asian archipelago, Arabia, Iran, Central Asia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Siberia, and more are studied in our selection..

Another aspect of its publication is that of language aids: presently dictionaries and grammars of over 40 Asian, European and African languages,have so far been released. Of all the major languages and dialects of India, linguistic material in the shape of comprehensive and authoritative dictionaries and grammars, self learning books, proverbs, and other aids for comparative linguistics, including some of the dead languages and dialects, have been published, too. Some of the other languages covered are: Croatian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Swahili, Sinhalese, Tibetan, Burmese, Persian, Pukhto, Chinese, Inuktitut, Amharic, etc.

The authors of these books form a motley crew of some of the biggest names in oriental studies. Max Muller, Herman Oldenberg, R. C. Childers, Monier-Williams, Stiengass, E. W. Lane, the Rhys Davids couple, W. Geiger, Vincent Smith, James Princep… the list is long. Then they have the mavericks: Richard F. Burton, Arminius Vambery, Sven Hedin, M. Auriel Stein, Robert Knox, François Bernier, Francis E. Younghusband, William Moorcroft…

Contractual projects for overseas clients is a part of its operations too. Collabrations with Mission Estrangers de Paris, and Les Indes in France; with Selous Books in England; with Hippocrene Books, and The Eco Foundation, in America have so far been completed. Great care is taken to provide a premium product to the client. Standard quality of paper is used for these books: from 60gsm to 300gsm; and the books are printed on the modern machines. While keeping in with the latest technology for the processing, the tradition of binding book by hand continues to craft these books. The nature of their publications would make for an ideal option for commemorative editions, rare, or limited edition publications.


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Sri Ramakrishna and Spiritual Renaissance
by Swami Nirvedanan...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
Sri Krishna Yoga
by Swami Sarvagatan...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
The Upanishads
by Swami Prabhavana...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
Iron Artifacts History, Metallurgy,Corrosion and Conservation
by Jyotish, Shyam N...
Pubisher: Agam Kala Prakashan