Parragon Publishing India Pvt. Ltd was established on 28 June 2006 as a joint venture company between Parragon UK and Vineet Sharma.

Instituted in the late 1980s in UK, Parragon is now the world’s leading publisher of ‘illustrated non-fiction’ books. The largest footprint is in the ‘Books for Children’ section which has a range of books for different age-groups including Activity & Colouring, Storybook & Rhymes, Reference, General Knowledge, Make & Do Crafts and Learning Workbook.

The reference and general interest books for adults span a wide range: Cookery & Cuisines, Food & Drinks, Travel, Art & Architecture, World History, Unseen Archives of Celebrities, Space & Science, Fashion & Lifestyle, Home Décor, Machines, Wrist Watches, Motorbikes, Fastest Cars, Yoga, Wildlife, Mythology, and Astronomy to name a few.

As in most of its other markets internationally, in India too Parragon is the publishing partner with Disney for the Disney books. The colourful visual format, high quality printing and adorable characters from the house of Disney make these very popular amongst kids.

Parragon India has revolutionized the way books are sold by utilizing non-conventional channels like retail houses in addition to the traditional supply chain of distributors at the national and regional levels. Thus Parragon books and other products are now available not only at all popular bookshops but also at retail outlets all over.


Featured Books
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Sri Ramakrishna and Spiritual Renaissance
by Swami Nirvedanan...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
Sri Krishna Yoga
by Swami Sarvagatan...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
The Upanishads
by Swami Prabhavana...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
Iron Artifacts History, Metallurgy,Corrosion and Conservation
by Jyotish, Shyam N...
Pubisher: Agam Kala Prakashan