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Education is one of the critical requirements in India today. As the country strives to become an economic superpower, need for high-quality education, at all levels, will increase.

Macmillan is one of the largest and best-known publishers in the world. It is characterised by high-quality academic, educational, fiction and non-fiction publishing in many forms: educational course materials, science, technology and medicine, college textbooks, dictionaries, monographs and reference materials. A unique player in India’s education market, Macmillan Publishers India enjoys a cutting-edge niche as partner-in-progress in the socio-economic development of the country. It is in this field that Macmillan's flame burns the brightest – publishing educational books and materials for over 100 years.

The company has the distinction of continuity in India’s fragmented educational market – which is also amongst the largest and the fastest growing in the world. India has a million schools however, a large part of the school market is closed to private publishers since the state governments themselves publish books for state board schools. It is hoped that state-level educational publishing will be opened to private publishers in due course. This would be a huge and an exciting opportunity. The Indian publishing community consists of over 5,000 publishers but major and organised players are few.

Macmillan India has over 2,500 titles in its list and has played a significant role in the growth and success of Indian writing. The company has relationships with over 15,000 schools all over India and with its 22 offices and showrooms, possibly the widest all-India network.

As a major player in providing typesetting, data coding and conversion and editorial services to publishers globally, Macmillan has been a pioneer in the information technology-enabled service (ITES) space. It started its export-oriented typesetting operations in 1975. Mainly British and European publishers have driven the market so far but now US publishers are looking actively at outsourcing to India. This will have a positive impact on the current export market estimated to be around Rs 8,000 million (US$ 181.82 million) (Source: Industry estimates). Macmillan employs over 3,000 staff of which around 700 are in its domestic publishing business.

Macmillan also offers web-based solutions and IT services to publishers globally through its dedicated software services unit ‘emacmillan’. The market opportunities for this sector, too, are growing rapidly.

With a company-owned press in Chennai delivering high-quality production, Macmillan Publishers India has possibly the best editorial resources in the country. It focuses on publishing innovative, need-based, stimulating and enlightening books, which are true companions to teachers and students.


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