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Cosmo Publications is currently celebrating its 39th year of establishment, having now published over 3000 books. Cosmo Catalogue today prudly boosts of some of the finest, most ambitious, and largest refrenence works to be published in this part of the world. It also includes some of the best-selling Classical Works to be published in the Asian region. Cosmo has published some of the best international authors - Indologists and Orientalists - which include world-renowed names like Sir Aurel Stein, WIlliam William Hunter, John Dewey, James Baldwin, Aurthur Avalon, Friedrick Froebel, Maria Montessori, G. Tucci, William Jones, Edward Saligman, and many other illustrious names.

Cosmo Publicationsis well-known for publishing some of the finest reference works on and about the Indian Sub Continent, including Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sikkim etc. They have published many best-selling works on Education, Mysticism, Tantra, Philosophy & Religion, Arts, History & Culture, SOciology & Anthropology, Languages & Literature, Linguistics, etc.

Cosmo has published some of the finest Dictionaries and SUbject Companions in this part of the world on a wide variety of subjects categories. They have recently launched their trade paperbacks division - INDIGO BOOKS - which is fast becoming famous among individual readers for the quality and content of the books being published at reasonable.

Cosmo and Indigo are always actively seeking publishing proposals from established and new authors.


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Sri Ramakrishna and Spiritual Renaissance
by Swami Nirvedanan...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
Sri Krishna Yoga
by Swami Sarvagatan...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
The Upanishads
by Swami Prabhavana...
Pubisher: Rama Krishna Mission
Iron Artifacts History, Metallurgy,Corrosion and Conservation
by Jyotish, Shyam N...
Pubisher: Agam Kala Prakashan